Hi, I'm Amanda.

When I was Vice President of Advertising Sales for CNN & HLN I knew what it was like to literally not have enough hours in the day. It seemed when one project ended another had already begun. Things I wanted to accomplish that weren't "front burner" weren't completed. I felt a little like my daughter's hamster on its wheel.

When I left CNN, it was my goal to support others. Along the way I became an ICF Certified Executive Leadership Coach and Adjunct Professor of Digital Marketing at our local college.

Fast forward 8 years and Digital Desk is a thriving business providing digital marketing services for busy entrepreneurs, businesses &  non-profit organizations. For a list of my services click here.

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With experience comes not only wisdom, but quality. Each project is completed with the care my clients need and expect. 

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Truth be told I’m a nerd through and through…and a Trekkie. Do not speak Star Wars to me because I will not understand. LLAP!

I spend my free time with my teenage daughter, Charly, and our three dogs, Cupcake, Nora & Alice.



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